• The passage through Chotárny kopec is muddy with several plashes.
  • In the passage after the Mičekovci hamlet (blue tourist mark direction to Vrchrieka nad Petránkami) the path has been damaged by logger trucks on a 600-700 meters. Unfortunately the place is very muddy.
  • In the passage after Jakubovský vrch direction to Strakovci hamlet there are several muddy places (again logger cars).
  • Also there is one muddy passage before the Semeteš checkpoint - descent from the Bielovci hamlet.
  • In the passage between the signposts Pod Soliskom and sedlo pod Hričovcom there are fallen trees on the tourist path on several places, you have to go around.
  • Based on the information from the last weekend and week before the race the course conditions (with exception of the above mentioned passages) is good, however please calculate with wet paths.
  • On the meadow right above Čadca (a small ski slope) you can maybe meet some cows also outside the electric fencer.