In case of need you can leave us your baggage in Čadca for transport to the finish place in Lysá pod Makytou. This service is mainly recommended for those participants, who will stay overnight in the ZŠ Rázusova gym in Čadca and for foreign participants. The baggage transport has to be reserved in advance (in the enrollment form).

The baggage will be collected on Saturday morning at the start place in Čadca. The baggage must be tagged with  the start number of the baggage owner (baggage tags will be available). The baggage amount for one participant is limited to 10 kg total (unless an exception provided by race organizer). Please do not leave your electronics and other valuables in the baggage.


The participants can have their dropbags (small size) transported to the aid station Semeteš (49,5 km from start). The dropbags will be collected before start at the Námestie slobody square in Čadca. The dropbas must be visibly marked with the start number of the participant. From the aid station Semeteš the dropbags will be transported to the finish place (after the checkpoint time limit end, which is 20:45 CET).