All participants must come to the check-in (presence) in Čadca before the Javornícka stovka start. It will take place on Friday 9. October 2020 in the Elementary school building (Rázusova street) from 18.00 to 23.00 CET.

During the check-in the list of enrolled participants will be checked. The organizers will collect the filled-in and signed Informed consent (Participant’s declaration) document from each participant. The participant will receive the control sheet, race bib and chip. In case of need the participant can get the baggage tag too.

During the check-in the mandatory equipment will be chekced, therefore it is necessary to bring the mandatory equipment to the check-in place.


The Javornícka stovka race start is collective on 10. October 2020 at 07:00 CET. The start place is the Námestie slobody square (in front of the municipality building).

Please note, that there will be no possibility of check-in (presence) at the start place on Saturday 10. October 2020 morning.

The baggage will be collected at the start place directly to the cars (vans). Also we will collect the dropbags fpor the K4 aid station here.